The Paradigm Shift Story 📖
checkout the pictures and story afterwards...👇🏽⏬
So.. this is the annual rituals happening in my home town, this is called aarattu (Ārāttu (pronounced [aːraːʈʈə]) is an annual ritual performed during Hindu temple festivals in Kerala, India, in which a priest bathe the idol of a deity by dipping it in a river or a temple pond. It is mainly carried out at the end of a temple festival) so there will be kind of rally from one temple to another. That's the custom in simple words, this is the context.

Everyone in our village regardless of religions and political differences joins the festival and the rally afterwards, as it happens everywhere else in Kerala, nothing new here. As always I went there too. I don't have a habit of having my camera on me always, because i couldn't enjoy anything, I'll be extra anxious about my angles, composition and framing and i will not be able to enjoy the festival. I used to go with my gang of friends, roaming around in a group and socialize as much as possible used to be my agenda. As all my friends were moved away from the city, I didn't have a group to hang around with. So I thought why not and took my camera with me. 

So I was eagerly hunting for photos and i couldn't find anything worth the while and i was bit low at that point. And i saw this girl taking photos of everything around her. The elephants, deity, fire wicks, decorations and she seemed very excited about all these too. She was wearing traditional Kerala attire as well. I thought, 'local girl, why's she so excited, maybe she studied outside Kerala and never got chance to see festivals like these before, or an NRI, or a gen Z making content for Instagram TikTok etc.' well, I kept all those thoughts to myself, I got some good pictures, I was satisfied. I wanted to show her the photos. but, thought i will do that after the fireworks and after taking some more pictures. I carried on. 
It was midnight and i couldn't find her or the people she was with. I didn't bothered to look. 
Went home and posted this girl's pictures to my Instagram, I loved those pictures. 

After one or two hours, I got a message from a friend, that was a paper cut and I'm attaching that down here...

Which translates to, Cameline from Israel. 
the story is, this lady was travelling from Varkala (a seaside town in Quilon, Kerala)  and saw these decorations and asked what's going on to a gentleman who stood there, he explained everything and then this lady asks him "is there any way or any facilities near here where i can stay and watch this festival" and this gentleman being a good sport invited her to his home, asked his family to give her Kerala traditional attires and help her get ready to attend the function. So they did. And I happen to shoot her pictures. 
and she turns out a journalist and she works with the Prime Minister of Israel. I regret not going and talking to her and i regret not showing her the pictures when I can. And introduce myself. But I got a beautiful story to share and some good photographs...
If anyone knows or have any links to her social media handles, Please kindly share :) 
So the 'local girl' (which i assumed, I'm assuming a lot of things lately 🥲😒) turns out to be an International journalist and a close associate to a country's prime minister. 
that was indeed a paradigm shift moment for me.

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