in her eyes... 
I was taking inspiration from a picture that i shot couple years back with a cousin of mine and back then i was amused by the level of detail my macro lens can achieve. I have been using this lens strictly for my product photography shoots and never took it outside of a studio. Ever. This is that shot. forward to last year, while I was waiting to get some products shot, I saw this art gallery and everyone was taking pictures of the works being showcased. I wanted to do something different and been thinking and asked someone to lend their eyes for me so that I can frame the artwork inside their eyes. I am not completely satisfied with these photographs as we there were no lights and grainy wasn't the aesthetics that I was going for. And ended up with these ones. Shot raw, but, as I was moving a lot and couldn't properly see what I had captured, some images were not as flattering as I thought it would be. Will go again and shoot this exact same thing with some lights and reflectors 

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